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Picture Victoria - Admin Section Manual

Add Picture Record

The following text fields are presented, followed by the action required:

Photographer - Enter name of the original photographer of the image.

Title - Enter photographer's title for the image.

Photo Date - Enter date of the photo being taken.

Creator -

Copyright - Indicate who the image copyright owner is.

Category - Select relevant category for the image.

Subject 1 - Select an appropriate subject for the image; click the "Select Item" button which takes you to the subject search window. Type in your broad definition of the subject matter, eg; architecture and the search will return with a detailed list of related subjects, one of which is selected by clicking the "select term" link. This puts the selected subject into the "Subject 1" text field on the admin page.

Subject 2 - As above for "Subject 1"

Image - Browse for and select image file either on your computer or online.

Description - Describe the image and/or the context of its creation, etc, in a maximum of 400 words.

Add Photo button - Enters the submitted information into the Picture Victoria database.

List Pictures

Selects a category of pictures to browse or enables a new category to be created.

Select a Category - Presents a list of available categories. Selecting a category will display the contents of that category in alphabetical order; each picture listed shows the ID number, Title, Photographer (if available) and presents a choice of actions: Edit or Delete. Edit brings up the "Edit the Picture Record" page similar to the "Add the Picture" page, but with the original information entered. This can be amended as appropriate.

Add Category - Two text fields appear; one for a category name (this is the name displayed to the public, eg; Art Deco Architecture) and the corresponding server directory name (not displayed to the public and complying with directory naming conventions, eg; art_deco_architecture).

Update Metadata

Clicking on this button periodically, enables the Picture Australia search engine to index it's records.

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